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Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd specialises in the Application, Sale and Training of Polyurea, Polyaspartics, Polyurethane and Spray Foam.

Timothy Punch is the Proprietor of Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd and has been in this Industry for fifteen years. Timothy is a proud member of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA), which was incorporated in 2000. Since joining the PDA in 2001 he has had numerous trips to the United States of America where he has developed close relationships with many experienced people in; Product Manufacturing, Spray Equipment Manufacture and Applicators in the industry.

Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd employees are fully trained and ticketed to spray our products with some training taking place in the United States of America.
Tim & Donna Punch were THE FIRST people in Australia to receive full training from the Polyurea Development Association (PDA).

Timothy Punch has close contacts with various people in the Polyurea Industry worldwide, i.e. Asia, China, Italy and Dubai and can offer the latest developments in product, equipment and application techniques, ahead of the competition.

Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd are highly experienced, world leaders in the application of Polyurea, therefore giving us vast knowledge and experience over other competitors in our industry.

We offer a complete package including: Equipment, training of application & setup.

Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd operates two divisions:

  • Automotive/Vehicle Protection: This division deals with the Automotive side, i.e. Spray on Ute Tray Liners, Commercial Vans, Trucks, Trailers, Horse Floats, Lawnmower Housings and much more.
  • On-Site: This division deals with all On-Site coating and lining work. This includes but is not limited to: Sewerage & Waste Water Treatment Plants, All Mining Vehicles & On-Site Buildings, Cab roofs of Draglines, Wash Tanks in Coal Processing Plants, Carbon Tanks in Gold Mine Plants, General Concrete application & waterproofing membrane to splash and spill containment areas.



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More Than Just A Ute Liner!

More than just a ute liner2

 (Wheel Guards, Internal Flooring, Canopy) 


50 Metre High Power Pole, Coated in Xtreme Liner
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New Dealers Wanted!

Xtreme Protective Coatings is Australia's leading brand of polyurea protective coating, we have extensive experience in all aspects of industrial polyurea coatings.

We have customer enquiries from all over Australia, NZ and Asia, we are actively seeking suitable candidates to become Xtreme Protective Coatings dealers.

We are looking for the right people with a technical background and drive to become a specialist in polyurea coatings.

We will in turn, provide a complete package and training to ensure you maintain the high standards that our customers expect.

Demonstration Videos.

Perth - Head Office

Unit 1 / 6 Tidal Way
Bibra Lake WA 6163.
P: 08 9418 5524
F: 08 9418 5574

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Sunshine Coast

9 Trinder Avenue
Maroochydore, QLD 4558
P:  07 5452 7648

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